The American Surgeon: Brief Reports

All articles should be submitted online to

Many of the submissions such as case reports, small case series, or studies that reach negative conclusions may be more appropriately submitted as a Brief Report rather than a Regular Manuscript. We will rarely accept Case Reports as a Regular Manuscript in the future. In the past, the Editor and Editorial Board have recommended the Letter to the Editor format for this type of publication.

Following are the guidelines for Brief Reports:

  1. They should be no more than 3 double-spaced pages excluding an Abstract and sub-headings. They will be cited in PubMed.
  2. There should be a maximum of four (4) references. References exceeding 4 authors should include et al following the third author listed.
  3. If figures are included, they should be limited to two (2). If the figures cannot be converted to black and white, the author must be willing to pay for color ($775.00).
  4. In general, authors of case reports should use the Brief Report format.
  5. "Case Report and Review of Literature" SHOULD NOT be included in the title.
  6. When submitting the letter, choose "Brief Report" as the Article Type.
  7. The letter should include a title page with Corresponding Author information: complete mailing address, phone and fax number, e-mail address.

Online Only Submissions:

Due to space constraints we are publishing an increasingly smaller number of Brief Reports in the print version. However, many of these are acceptable for our ONLINE ONLY version. This type of submission has the same requirements as the print version, with the exception of illustrations. The Editor can be more liberal with inclusion of illustrations and the use of color is permitted without cost in the ONLINE ONLY version.

Letters to the Editor:

Correspondence that references a previously published article or a letter expressing an opinion about the journal should be submitted as a Letter to the Editor.