The American Surgeon: Instructions for Authors

All submissions must now be submitted electronically through the link to:  Editorial Manager®.


Manuscript documents, including references, must be double-spaced using 1" margins. All pages should be numbered. Numbers one to ten should be spelled out, except when used for all units of measurement (time, dimensions, degrees, weight, volume, dosage, etc.), percentage, and decimals; for numbers above ten, numerals should be used. Dorland's Medical Dictionary and Webster's International Dictionary may be used as standard references. Scientific names for drugs should be used when possible. Copyright or trade names of drugs should be capitalized. Units of measure, e.g. dosage, should be expressed in the metric system. Temperature should be expressed in degrees centigrade.

The corresponding author's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address must appear on the title page of the manuscript. A Copyright Release Form with signatures of all authors listed on the manuscript must be submitted. Your manuscript cannot be processed without the Copyright Release form.

An Abstract of 200 words or less must be submitted to run at the beginning of the article, rather than a summary at the end.

For foreign authors in need of help with the English language, there are companies that offer editing services for your paper.  While The American Surgeon does not endorse any particular company, links are provided below for Enago English Editing Services and The Charlesworth Group Author Services.

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  • Helpdesk – real-time email/telephone support in English and Chinese
  • asktheeditors@charlesworth-group.comemail address for answers to any editorial/writing questions by our in-house experts across three continents
  • Bi-monthly newsletter with tips and tools on writing and publishing issues, distributed free of charge to all website registrants
  • Editing can be tailored to your ‘target’ journal for submission


Black and white illustrations will be reproduced FREE of charge, but the Editor reserves the right to establish a reasonable limit upon the number supplied. Color illustrations will be published at the author's expense. For one color photo, the fee is $775.00. The cost graduates with each additional photo. (Color fee charges are available online - CLICK HERE.)  Line drawings should be large enough to be readable after necessary reduction. Illustrations should be numbered, and they should be accompanied by a separate Legend sheet with a description of each figure.


Number references consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text. In the double-spaced listing at the end of the manuscript, use three (3) author names before using et al. If there are only four (4) authors, use all names. Use no periods or commas in author or journal names. For journals: use last name, initials (for all authors); article title (INDEX MEDICUS abbreviation or spelled out), year, volume number, page range. Example: Smith AJ, Jones BJ. Snowmobile trauma. Am J Surg 1993;15:145-53.

For books: Last name, initials (for all authors and/or editors); book title, edition (if more than one); location and name of publisher, year of publication; page number(s) if needed to direct readers to a specific section.


Tables should be double-spaced on separate pages. They should be numbered and cited in the text of the article. Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum or appropriately annotated.


Papers out for revision after one year with no contact with the Editorial Office or activity with the revision will no longer be considered.


Any books sent to the Editorial Office for review will not be returned to sender.


All submitted Letters to the Editor must be submitted on-line to be considered for publication.

For electronic digital figures: Each figure should be saved in its own file; files should be either TIF, EPS, or JPG; each file should be named according to its figure number and format (e.g., "fig4a.tif"); figures must not be embedded in a word processor or spreadsheet document.


All inquiries regarding copyrighted material from this publication should be directed to the Editor, J. David Richardson, MD, Department of Surgery, University of Louisville, 550 So. Jackson Street, 2nd Floor ACB, Louisville, KY 40202. PH: 502-852-8823 FAX: 502-852-8915


Click here for offprint and reprint information. Inquiries about the purchase of offprints or reprints should be directed to THE AMERICAN SURGEON, Southeastern Surgical Congress, 115 Samaritan Drive, #200, Cumming, GA 30040. PH: 678/965-2422