If you are interested in participating on any of the following committees, please print, complete, and send in the  Committee Volunteer Form.

Executive Committee

Chair and President:  David V. Feliciano, MD

David J. Cole, MD, Immediate Past President

David B. Adams, MD, President-Elect

Kevin E. Behrns, MD, First Vice President

Rebecca C. Britt, MD, Second Vice President

Timothy M. Farrell, MD, Executive Director         

J. David Richardson, MD, Editor-in-Chief  

Alan B. Marr, MD, Council Representative

Continuing Medical Education Committee

Chair: Emmanuel E. Zervos, MD

Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD

Michael O. Meyers, MD

Wendy R. Greene, MD

Jahnavi K. Srinivasan, MD

J. Clay Copher, MD

Chad A. Rubin, MD

David V. Feliciano, MD

David J. Cole, MD

David B. Adams, MD

Rebecca C. Britt, MD

J. David Richardson, MD

Timothy M. Farrell, MD

Gold Medal Committee 

Chair: Amy R. Quillo, MD

William S. Richardson, MD

Jyotirmay "Joe" Sharma, MD

Timothy L. Fitzgerald, MD  

Membership Committee

Chair: David B. Adams, MD 

Joseph B. Cofer, MD 

Frank K. Jones, MD 

E. Shields Frey, MD 

Devashish J. Anjaria, MD 

W. Heath Giles, MD 

James K. Fortson, MD

Finance Committee

Chair: Bryan K. Richmond, MD 

Kevin E. Behrns, MD 

A.L. Jackson Slappy, MD 

James M. McLoughlin, MD 

Peter T. Hallowell, MD 

Jacob E. Dowden, MD 

Bryant W. Wilson, MD

Robert C.G. Martin, MD

Rebecca C. Britt, MD 

Timothy M. Farrell, MD

Communication Committee 

Chairs: Alan B. Marr, MD/John H. Stewart, IV, MD 

Glen A. Franklin, MD 

Errington C. Thompson, MD 

Gregory S. Waters, MD 

Kenneth A. Lipshy, MD 

Mario A. Cerame, MD 

John Draus, Jr, MD 

Darren J. Hunt, MD 

Peter G. Deveaux, MD 

Clancy J. Clark, MD

Practice Committee 

Chairs: Jose J. Diaz, Jr, MD/Virginia O. Shaffer, MD 

Eugene M. Langan, III, MD 

C. Daniel Smith, MD 

Steven S. McNatt, MD 

Amit R. Joshi, MD 

Russell J. Nauta, MD 

Daniel K. Robie, MD 

Paul S. Dale, MD 

Timothy L. Fitzgerald, MD 

Jeremy Warren, MD 

Terry W. Pinson, MD

Fellow-Resident-Student Committee 

Chair: Benjamin D. Li, MD

Jyotirmay "Joe" Sharma, MD

Christopher M. Bell, MD 

Sunil K. Geevarghese, MD 

William O. Richards, MD 

Philip Ramsey, MD 

Charles J. Paget, III, MD 

Timothy James "TJ" Novosel, MD 

Ashley Britton Christmas, MD 

John R. Porterfield, Jr, MD 

Gopal C. Kowdley, MD 

Bradley W. Thomas, MD 

Brian J. Daley, MD  

Rural Surgery Committee

Chair: Richard J. Field, III, MD

Ray E. Stahl, MD 

Andrew F. Calcutt, MD 

Paul W. Cronen, MD 

J. David Stanley, MD

Fernando D. Ugarte, MD 

Mary O. Aaland, MD 

Hugo Bonatti, MD 

James Watkins, MD 

Gene B. Duremdes, MD 

Eugene H. Shivley, MD  

Women in Surgery Committee

Chair: Laura E. Witherspoon, MD

Jennifer E. Rosen, MD 

Amelia Glover, MD 

Deborah A. Martin, MD 

Sharona B. Ross, MD 

Terri R. Martin, MD 

Heather R. Nolan, MD 

Marissa Howard-McNatt, MD  

Young Surgeons Committee

Chair: Rebecca C. Britt, MD

John M. Green, MD 

Michael S. Champney, MD 

Patrick S. Sullivan, MD 

Bradley M. Dennis, MD 

Amy N. Hildreth, MD 

William W. Hope, MD 

Erin A. Felger, MD 

Philip Smith, MD 

James M. Bardes, MD 

William Ward, MD 

Reagan W. Bollig, MD 

Prejesh Phillips, MD