2015 Annual Scientific Meeting Program


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Evening at the Aquarium

Sunday evening, February 22, join us at the Tennessee Aquarium from 7:00 – 10:00 PM.  For only $30 per person you will have full access to the entire Aquarium in a private setting which includes dinner, dancing to a live band, and 1 drink. Additional drinks will be cash bar. Reserve your tickets on the registration form. Transportation will be provided.  See you there!


Pre-registration must be received by January 23, 2015, to get discounted registration. If attending, Residents must register for the Residents’ Forum on Saturday although no fee is charged.  Refunds can be made only if e-mail (sesc@sesc.org) cancellations are received before the meeting begins on Saturday, February 21, 2015; a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged.  No refunds can be made for cancellations after the meeting begins on February 21, 2015.  For additional information, call 678/965-2422.  Pre-registration closes on February 6, 2015.  All registrations after February 6, 2015, will be taken on-site.

Podium Presentations

Presentations will be made from the podium, Sunday through Tuesday, including talks from invited guest speakers, videos of surgical procedures, prize-winning Gold Medal Forum papers, and clinical papers selected from over 326 abstracts received for consideration.


 *NOTE: Non-member residents, interns, medical students, nurses, as well as physician assistants, must attach a letter   from their schools, hospitals, or surgeons confirming their status with the registration form and payment to attend at these special rates.

 To register at member rates a membership application, dues payment, and registration form MUST be received NO LATER than DECEMBER 1, 2014; membership information may be obtained on the web,www.sesc.org, or by calling the office 800/558-8958.


Speakers must submit their abstracts to their assigned discussants and on-line, www.sesc.org, no later than,Friday, January 23, 2015, to have manuscripts considered for publication with others from the 2015 scientific meeting in THE AMERICAN SURGEON. 

(SESC seal) Gold Medal Papers

These winning papers, selected from a large number of entries, by the Gold Medal Forum Committee, are identified in the program by the seal of the Congress. The Gold Medal Award is a prestigious recognition of excellent research by young surgeons. The presenters will also receive cash awards on Monday.

Saturday Residents’ Forum - Please make not of time change

On Saturday, February 21, 9:00 AM – 11:50 AM, a number of residents will present surgical research papers. The purpose of the Forum is to provide an opportunity for residents to present and discuss their research with others in an atmosphere that encourages academic exchange in a low-pressure setting. Assigned discussants will also be residents. The Forum will be moderated by Dr. Dimitrios Stefanidis, Dr. Frederick L. Greene, and Dr. John Mellinger. Residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion of papers from the floor, and senior surgeons are invited to assist with discussion. Even though there is no charge, you must register for the Residents’ Forum on the registration form.

Resident's Luncheon

This luncheon is scheduled to provide an opportunity for residents to receive instruction for presenting and discussing papers.  Dr. Dimitrios Stefanidis from the Continuing Medical Education Committee along with Frederick L. Greene, MD, Past Presidents of the Congress, and John Mellinger, MD, will speak on Work Hour Restrictions and Resident Competency along with how professional organizations such as the Southeastern Surgical Congress can assist them in their professional lives. A ticket is required for this lunch.  Be sure to purchase your ticket on the registration form.

Saturday Postgraduate Course
NOTE:  There is NO registration fee for the postgraduate course.

“Enhanced Recovery”
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM. 
Be sure to circle “Yes” you will be attending the postgraduate course on the registration form.

This course will provide a description of the history, components, rationale, economic justification and steps for implementation of an enhanced recovery after surgery program.  Understanding the concept of enhanced recovery after surgery programs and its evidence based justification; reviewing and discussing the 19 components of ERAS and their impact on patient outcome measures such as hospital length of stay and complications; understanding the steps necessary to implement an enhanced recovery program; reviewing established ERAS programs for colorectal and pancreatic surgery, and understanding the economic impact of ERAS for individual practitioners, hospitals and the health care system.

Grand Rounds of Posters

These rounds provide an opportunity for poster authors to make an oral presentation to the Grand Rounds Professors and their peers, which enhance the poster exhibits. Scheduled Sunday and Monday, 6:30-7:50 AM. Stroll with the rounding teams while you eat breakfast.

Sunday Round Table Luncheons

Lunch 1 - Fellow, Resident, and Medical Student Committee
“Pitfalls of a New Job”
Moderator:  Joseph B. Cofer, MD
Clinical Pitfalls of a New Job – Joe Sharma, MD
How to Contract for your New Job – Benjamin Li, MD
Important Things to know about Financial Planning – Ben Dart, MD

Lunch 2 - Surgical Practice Committee
“Navigating Physician Employment Contracts: What You Need to Know”
Moderator:    Bryan K. Richmond, MD
Speakers:  Steve Rice and Chad Stutelberg, Integrated Health Strategies, Minneapolis, MN

Tickets are required for these lunches.  Be sure to purchase your ticket on the registration form.


ACS logo

American College of Surgeons

The ACS is once again coming to you, the General Surgeon, on Sunday, February 22, from 2:00 – 5:45 PM.  Be sure to attend to join in the discussion on issues relevant to the general surgeon, and an open question and answer session.


Monday Business Meeting, Election of Officers and Luncheon

This is a time for the Fellows of the Congress to hear reports from their representatives to the Advisory Council, the American Board of Surgery, and the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons.   It is a time to provide input for these representatives and to conduct the annual business of the Congress.  No charge is made to members for lunch, but tickets must be requested at the registration desk.  Surgeons, who are not members, and guests of members, may purchase tickets.

Video Interaction Session

On Monday afternoon there will be videos that were not presented during the Program with the authors available for discussion.  Refreshments will be served; just wear your badge to attend.


Registration will be located in the Exhibit Hall Pre-Function area of the Chattanooga Convention Center. All surgeons, guests, spouses, and others attending the Postgraduate Course, Scientific Meeting, and Residents’ Forum are requested to come to the Registration Desk. Badges are required for surgeons, guests, and exhibitors to enter the meeting, exhibit areas, and all events. Tickets are required for the Aquarium, Resident's luncheon and the Sunday luncheons.

Tickets for the luncheons and Evening at the Aquarium, if still available, may be purchased at the Southeastern Surgical Congress Registration Desk. Hours are:

Saturday February 21st 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday February 22nd 6:15 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday February 23rd 6:15 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday February 24th 6:15 AM – 9:00 AM


The Southeastern Surgical Congress is the owner and publisher of the journal, THE AMERICAN SURGEON, which is the official journal of the Congress. Papers presented during the meeting will, at the discretion of the Editor, be published in THE AMERICAN SURGEON.


Speakers and Discussants, please sit near the front of the room to avoid delays in the program. Invited Discussants will open the discussion, and the author/co-author will be invited to close the discussion. For the benefit of your fellow registrants, discussants from the floor are asked to state name and home city clearly before beginning discussion.


Speakers should give a CD/DVD to the projectionist by 6:30 AM for the morning session, 10:00 AM for the afternoon session. All materials should be carefully marked with the speaker’s name, time of talk, and paper number.  Any PowerPoint presentations with imbedded video must be given to the AV technician per the following guidelines:

  • If presentation is in the morning – give to AV tech the afternoon before.
  • If presentation is in the afternoon – give to AV tech in the morning.
  • Please bring a separate file of the video only in addition to the PowerPoint file.


Welcome Reception

Saturday, February 21, 5:30 - 7:00 PM - Exhibit Hall.  
Meet your colleagues for a reception to kick off the meeting. All registrants and guests are invited to this very special social occasion to re-connect with friends, network with acquaintances, talk to exhibitors, and make new friends to enjoy during the meeting. No fees -- just fun. Wear your badge to attend!

Evening at the Aquarium

Sunday evening, February 22, join us at the Tennessee Aquarium from 7:00 – 10:00 PM.  For only $30 per person you will have full access to the entire Aquarium in a private setting which includes dinner, dancing to a live band, and 1 drink. Additional drinks will be cash bar. Reserve your tickets on the registration form. Transportation will be provided.  See you there! 

Continental Breakfasts

6:15 - 8:00 AM - Exhibit Hall.  
Each day you can enjoy a continental breakfast as you visit the exhibits or take a stroll with the Professors to discuss the posters on Sunday and Monday. Spouses are welcome; everyone must wear a badge.



Dr Frederick

"Unconscious Bias in Academic Surgery"
Wayne A.I. Frederick, Jr., MD, MBA
PProvost and Chief Academic Officer
Howard University
Washington, DC



This lecture is named for Dr. A. Hamblin Letton to recognize his contributions to the Congress and the field of surgery.  His special surgical interest was oncology and, more specifically, breast cancer, which led to the creation of the Breast Center at Georgia Baptist Medical Center, now Atlanta Medical Center.  

His interest extended to the national forum by service on the Advisory Committee on Cancer Control for the National Cancer Institute and as President of the National American Cancer Society. Dr. Letton’s service to the Congress began as a young surgeon, and he succeeded Dr. B. T. Beasley, the original Secretary of the Congress, in 1960. He retired as the Secretary-Director of the Congress in 1986. Dr. Letton passed away on January 13, 2010, at the age of 93.


Dr KnudsonThe Disaster Response Surgeon:  Lessons Learning from the Crash of Asiana Flight 214”
M. Margaret Knudson, MD
Professor of Surgery
Professor and Interim Chief of Surgery
San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
University of California San Francisco Division of General Surgery
San Francisco, CA

This lecture is named for Dr. Roger T. Sherman to honor his contributions to the Congress, the field of surgery  and trauma.  Dr. Sherman became a member of the Congress while still a resident and presented one of the first Gold Medal Forum papers. He was President of the Congress in 1984-1985, and was named Secretary-Director in 1986. He served in that capacity until 1993. Dr. Sherman was the Chair of the Whitaker Professor of Surgery at Piedmont Hospital when he retired in October, 1997. Dr. Sherman passed away on April 9, 2006, at the age of 82.


Dr Taylor

Surgeons as Leaders:  Personal Observations While Building a New Medical School”
Spence M. Taylor M.D.

Vice President Physician Engagement
Greenville Health System
Greenville, SC

 This lecture is named after Henry L. Laws, II to honor his contributions to the Congress and the field of surgery.  Dr. Laws joined the Congress in 1967 and served as President in 1997-1998.  He received the Distinguished Service Award in 2012. During his surgical career, Dr. Laws was in private practice, served on the faculty of University of Alabama-Birmingham, was Director of Surgical Residency at Carraway Methodist Medical Center and was a surgeon at the Norwood Clinic.  Dr. Laws had a passion for not only clinical care but also for medical education.  Dr. Laws passed away on February 25, 2014, at the age of 81.


Dr NakayamaDon K. Nakayama, MD, MBA
Southeastern Surgical Congress 

The 2015 Annual Meeting in Chattanooga promises to be an exciting and informative meeting that features outstanding guest speakers, new research by the region’s young surgeons, and in-depth discussion of important issues that affect everyone’s practice. Invited lecturers this year include Wayne A.I. Frederick, president of Howard University, Margaret Knudson, professor of trauma surgery at the San Francisco General Hospital, and Spence Taylor, Senior Associate Dean of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.

New this year is the “Practice-changing Seminars in Surgery,” a comprehensive session that will examine the new enhanced recovery strategy to improve post-operative outcomes, presented by leaders in the field. The practice committee lunch session will examine what every surgeon should know about physician employment contracts. There will be lively debates on clinical controversies. One session not-to-be-missed is titled, “Catastrophic complications I have seen,” featuring some of our well-known members whose hair was turned white by the cases that will be presented.

The meeting is always resident and medical student friendly. The Gold Medal papers again will recognize the best of resident research projects. A residents’ forum will have papers discussed by their peers. Nationally prominent surgical educators John Mellinger, Southern Illinois University, and Frederick Greene, University of North Carolina, will moderate the sessions and give their own debates on the current state of surgical education.

Residents at the meeting meet community surgeons in private practice, and get to an opportunity to hear first-hand what life is like in actual practice. The Annual Meeting is a chance for medical students to meet residency program directors and get to speak with their potential future fellow residents from all the training programs in the Southeast.

Chattanooga is a wonderful venue for the Southeastern, a single meeting hotel still reasonably priced, close by a top-tier convention center. Phil Burns and his Department of Surgery at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, will host a reception at the world-class Chattanooga Aquarium, a smash event at our previous meeting in the city.

Program chair Tim Farrell and his committee has organized a clinically relevant and entertaining event. You’ll be able to earn the all-important self-assessment maintenance of certification credits now required by the board. And it will be a great chance to reconnect with colleagues and meet new ones in a great event. I look forward to seeing everyone there!


 Don K. Nakayama, MD, MBA
President, Southeastern Surgical Congress


Mission Statement
The Southeastern Surgical Congress
Atlanta, Georgia

The Southeastern Surgical Congress was founded to provide opportunities for surgeons and surgeons in training to come together for educational, scientific, and social purposes to promote and advance the study and practice of surgery.

The Congress proposes to carry out this mission by holding an annual scientific meeting that consists of one or more postgraduate courses covering new techniques and technology for specific surgical topics plus a three-day plenary session that includes (1) prominent surgical authorities as invited speakers; (2) presentations with assigned discussants selected from a large number of abstracts; (3) current surgical research projects selected by competition; (4) surgical operative procedures by noted surgeons on video; (5) informal discussion groups at luncheon meetings; (6) specialty panels providing opportunities for active participation by the surgeons attending; (7) and a Poster Session covering a wide variety of general surgical topics, including discussion by a team of rounding professors.

At the annual meeting, all papers and videos shall have assigned discussants to insure that the topics are thoroughly covered and discrepancies in research are noted.  Time will be allocated for discussion from the floor to increase audience participation.

Papers presented at the meeting will be submitted for peer review and then published, along with manuscripts independently submitted, in THE AMERICAN SURGEON, a journal owned and published by the Southeastern Surgical Congress.

The Congress is committed to assisting surgeons keep abreast of new and emerging technologies, based on accepted recommendations or sound new research, to make surgery safer and more effective for patient care. The Southeastern Surgical Congress monitors impact on practice change by systematic assessment of meeting/course evaluations.

Adopted August 16, 2008


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